This is what the stormtroopers might look like in Star Wars VII

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Nov 20, 2019, 6:51 PM EST (Updated)

The stormtroopers are supposedly back in Star Wars Episode VII, and some pictures of what they may look like have surfaced online.

The photos come to us from Indie Revolver (via Moviepilot), and it's safe to say that we wouldn't call these sources 100 percent reliable. But the site did obtain what it claims are images of the designs for two separate Imperial Forces helmets.

The first looks like a natural evolution from the original designs, but as Indie Revolver points out, there are a handful of differences. The eye lenses are separate, as they were in the earlier films, but are now set in a black frame that looks like a single visor. There's no breather vent on the right side to match the one on the left, while the black mouth area is made out of some sort of mesh -- probably to let the actors breathe. Here's a closer look:

The second helmet is being called the "Jungle Trooper" headpiece, but also bears a passing similarity to the snowtrooper gear from The Empire Strikes Back. Could the new movie be headed for another ice planet?

If these are in fact stormtrooper designs, they certainly give a strong impression of being linked to the original trilogy. Do you think that's what director J.J. Abrams is going for? If these are real, what's your opinion of them?

Star Wars Episode VII is out on Dec. 18, 2015.