This new Marvel comic is a peek into the future of the All New, All Different universe

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Sep 11, 2015, 6:43 PM EDT

The world is currently being shattered in Secret Wars, and now Marvel Comics has announced plans for a new preview series set eight months in the future — and here’s our first look at the new status quo.

Dubbed All New, All Different Marvel Point One, the new series is described as a one-stop entry point into the changes, mysteries and shocking status quos that have developed in the eight months that have passed in the Marvel Universe. The publisher has released some preview pages from the series, which will feature new stories with Daredevil, Carnage, All-New Inhumans, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Contest of Champions.

Basically, it’s a massive preview series meant to tide us over until Secret Wars wraps up and we get to dig into all the all-new series launches. Marvel Point One is written by Al Ewing, Charles Soule, Scottie Young, Gerry Conway and Marc Guggenheim (Take note, Arrow fans). The art will be provided by Felipe Andrade, Ron Garney, Paco Medina, German Peralta, Mike Perkins and Stefano Caselli.

Marvel has revealed some preview pages, which (not surprisingly) are light on details but heavy on very cool visuals. We get a look at several of the heroes mentioned above, and if nothing else, this provides an inkling for what to expect once God Doom’s reign comes to an end. 

The first issue of Marvel Point One hits shelves in October.

Until then, check out the preview pages below and let us know what you think: