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This Pennywise cake is deliciously terrifying and we want to devour it right now

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Sep 20, 2017, 2:26 PM EDT

Lots of things have changed in the 27 years between the first It TV miniseries and the It movie currently in theaters. Phones, cars, makeup, special effects... and cake making.

Really now, if someone made a Pennywise cake 27 years ago, it would have been a sheet cake with either Pennywise drawn in piped frosting or one of those plastic things you'd stick in the cake and maybe some candy rocks and balloons. Back then, it would have been considered pretty cool.

Twenty-seven years later, there's a Pennywise cake that would literally scare someone to death if you put it in the right place. This is progress, folks!

This terrifyingly tasty masterpiece sprang from the mind of JK Demin aka Koalipops. Pennywise's head and gruesome face have been recreated in red velvet cake, buttercream, and fondant so you can fight back against It's monster by doing the only logical thing; stabbing him in the face and eating him.

Why Red Velvet cake, you ask? Demin explains in the video. "Cause, blood."

(via EW)