This rarely-seen Japanese Exorcist comic will make your head spin

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Apr 4, 2017

Here's a cool resurrection in the form of a recently discovered Japanese comic book adaptation of 1973's The Exorcist that makes you wonder why there was never a definitive graphic novel version produced. According to the blog Kurorama, Japan's horror fans didn't get to see the demonic flick until the summer of 1974, and to help promote director William Friedkin's shocking supernatural feature, a popular fanzine named Shonen Sunday hired famed comic book artist Kazuo Umezu to create a multi-page The Exorcist comic layout for its July issue.

It's a crazy mashup of official movie images taken from press releases, trailer stills and some truly twisted comic book artwork capturing some of the more haunting sequences. American horror with a manga flair is the awesome result, and it's a shame this wasn't seen by more people. I particularly like the roiling green vomit shaped like a distorted cross spewing from Regan's mouth.

The multi-talented Umezu (Orochi: Blood, Cat Eyed Boy, Reptilia) is a national treasure in Japan and is widely considered the godfather of horror manga.

Here's the description by Kurorama's founder, Johnny TKO:

I’ve loosely written about one of my favorite films before, The Exorcist, as well as my favorite Japanese horror comic writer, Kazuo Umezu. Little did I know that these two things have come together at some point in the past. After digging through many malls and shops across Tokyo with overwhelmingly large quantities of devil-knows-how-old magazines and books, I found a 1974 issue of Shonen Sunday. To commemorate The Exorcist‘s release in Japan, then-to-be legend Kazuo Umezu was asked to create a full color spread in the July 7th issue of Shonen Sunday. At the time, Umezu was 38 years old and had a few of his most famous works of his career already behind him.

Possess these provocative pages from the long-lost Exorcist comic promo in the gallery below and tell us if this powerful horror gem compels you.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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