This Sesame Street Stranger Things parody is brought to you by the letter 'S' for sharing

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Whoever writes the scripts for the Sesame Street parodies deserves a raise and a promotion. So far, they've done properties like Marvel's Avengers, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones and hit just the right mix of comedy, love for the source material, and life lessons for kids. There's something for everyone, which must mean the writers must be super fans of these franchises in order to satirize them so perfectly while making them approachable to much younger audiences. The latest is an all-puppet version of Netflix's Stranger Things, aptly renamed Sharing Things for the learning aspect. In the six-minute video, the Cookiegorgon (Cookie Monster) has eaten all of the snacks in the "Snackside Down" and enters our world on Halloween in search of more treats. Even Barb's still alive, wrapped tightly in lollipop wrappers because, of course, they couldn't include her death or Murray Bauman's "pull out" joke in a video for children. 

Jim Hopper becomes "Mr. Hoppy," the Shadow Monster is downgraded from a Lovecraftian Mind Flayer into a jovial trick-or-treating octopus, and Dart becomes a baby worm named Dirt. Oscar the Grouch talks with derision during the green-tinged opening credits.

It's astounding how well they can turn a scary and eerie show like Stranger Things into a fun and self-aware lesson on sharing. Of course, the Cookiegorgon goes around the puppet version of Hawkins eating all the food without offering some to anyone else. The ones to teach him about proper etiquette are near-identical versions of Will, Mike, and Dustin in their Ghosbusters costumes. Aside from the fact that they're made from fabric and are operated by strings, they look exactly like Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, and Gaten Matarazzo. Grover takes over the role of Lucas, humurously describing himself as "a cute, adorable child of the '80s." Will draws a mural of the Cookiegorgon sharing with the rest of them that he hangs all over the walls.

Before Cookie Monster can eat Joyce Byers' plate of cookies, he's stopped by, you guessed it, Eleven! But this being Sesame Street, she's actually the number eleven with a curly mop of dirty blonde hair. She's got the catchphrase of "friends share" (a parody of "friends don't lie") along with the one from the show that had to be included verbatim: "mouth breather."

Kali, aka "The Number 8," and Madmax show up for cameos too. There's so much detail and love put into the whole parody that you'll feel as if you've binge-watched all of Season 2 all over again. 

The only thing that could have made this video better is if the entire cast did the puppet voices too. Alas, they're all probably still dancing to "Every Breath You Take" at the school dance.