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This Star Wars fan just built the epic TIE Bomber the First Order was missing

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May 30, 2018

Just forget (at least for a moment) that Solo dive-bombed at the box office this weekend. Star Wars fans still have Episode IX to look forward to, and the First Order in the new trilogy is pretty loaded in terms of assault vehicles — except for one thing.

Hardcore Star Wars YouTuber E.C. Henry realized the enemy doesn’t have a TIE Bomber, so he got out his design software and virtually built one.

“I’m actually kind of glad that they haven’t officially designed one yet,” Henry said in the video, “because I have a feeling that it will pretty much look exactly like this.”

Credit: E.C. Henry

That’s basically Rebel scum with a new paint job.

Henry wanted to bring the ship he dreamed up to life, and without Disney as his overlord, he was able to realize his vision of something much more imposing than just a dark version of whatever the Light Side has.

You might recognize something about those wings. Henry incorporated the design of the TIE Silencer’s wings into this thing, filling in only the tips to give it some Y-Wing DNA. They also counteract the bulk of the the ship’s body by making it appear faster and more streamlined.

The TIE Bomber also gets more weapons. This isn’t for the sake of leveling up its firepower, but because while the Rebellion’s version can fire in video games, the model used for the movies doesn’t actually have any visible guns. Henry added what looks like a B-25 bomber’s artillery on steroids, because bigger guns can blast larger targets.

Don’t forget the monster artillery-grade cannons that can easily take down an entire ship.

Henry also equipped his machine with elements of a Special Forces TIE Fighter, Silencer and Advanced. He explains every inspiration in detail so you can unapologetically geek out to the kind of engineering that only happens in a galaxy far, far away.

“This looked far more dangerous to me, like you could not stop this thing if it was coming at you at full speed,” Henry said.

Rebels better watch out if something like this zooms into Episode IX.

(via io9)

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