This Stranger Things fan film is unfiltered nightmare fuel

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Nov 20, 2017

For anyone still going through Stranger Things withdrawal, you now don’t have to wait till next Halloween (at the earliest) for more ‘80s sci-fi horror, because VFX productions has the cure in a terrifying short The 12th Search.

Set in 1984, the first-ever Stranger Things fan film may not have Dragon's Lair or Farrah Fawcett spray, but it’s oozing with pure, unadulterated horror. The 12th Search is basically what happens when you venture into the woods at night looking for someone whose disappearance was caused by something else than a deranged human being. Straying far enough into the shadows reveals a hole in a tree that couldn’t be anything else than a portal to the Upside-Down. There is nothing else that possibly could be, because if the slime and spiderwebs aren’t convincing enough, you should shudder at the way it closes up like it has teeth.


Credit: VFX Productions

Even a flashlight won’t save you if you’ve gone too far. Whatever that alien-looking machine glowing eerily against the blackness is, it should be a warning to take off and run like you never have in your entire life. Except you don’t. Because you see something, and you hear something, and before you know it there’s a corpse at your feet and something that looks like a DNA mashup of Slenderman and Predator is hissing behind you.  

So what is that thing—a subspecies of the Demogorgon? An agent of the Mind Flayer? Another specimen from the Upside-Down that escaped from that military research lab one really unfortunate search party member would have realized was right behind her if she shone her monster flashlight on the No Trespassing sign? Whether it crawled out from another dimension or had its origins in a petri dish is unknown, but it can only activate speculation for Season 3. Not to mention keep you wide awake all night and possibly take over your brain.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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