This stunning, high-tech Japanese train is our 1st step toward Snowpiercer

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Jul 18, 2014

The folks at the back of the train had it pretty rough in the recent sci-fi hit Snowpiercer, but life wasn’t nearly as tough for those lucky enough to be living it up in the front. It might not travel the globe, but this Japanese super-train is about the closest thing we’ve seen to Wilford’s mad creation.

The folks at /Film have acquired some info and concept images from Japan’s JR East railway company’s luxury Cruise-style train. The gorgeous, 10-carriage train will cost about $50 million to develop and will seat 34 passengers. It will consist of five suites, one deluxe suite, two glass-walled observation cars, a dining car and a lounge. The train will run on electric and non-electric tracks. They hope to fire it up in spring 2017.

Basically, they're looking to make a rolling vacation destination, and it looks pretty awesome.

The luxury train will be designed by Ken Okuyama, a previous chief designer for General Motors and a senior designer for Porsche AG and design director for Pininfarina. Looking at the concept art, it's easy to see those design cues behind the stunning visuals.

So take note: If things start getting cold, and you can sense the apocalypse is nigh, be sure to snag a ticket in advance. There are way crappier places to spend the end of the world.

(Via /Film)

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