Daenerys and Drogon in Game of Thrones

This upcoming Game of Thrones art exhibit will reveal the parts of Westeros you didn't see on TV

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Dec 4, 2018

Even the most hardcore Game of Thrones fans haven’t seen Westeros like this. There are parts of the Seven Kingdoms that have remained in the shadows, at least on TV. You can’t possibly explore every obscure corner of Westeros while keeping millions of fans in suspense about who will end up as the next corpse—and whether or or not said corpse will get reanimated.

The last season of heads on spikes, poisoned wine, creepy royal advisors, pet dragons, and ice zombies will meet its demise in 2019. Not that you’ll go through that much withdrawal. With a prequel series on the horizon, the Game of Thrones universe is definitely not dead, and starting in January, Unseen Westeros, an epic art exhibit in Berlin, will unearth parts of this magical realm that anyone who read the Song of Ice and Fire books has only imagined and whoever only watched the show never even knew existed.

Just in case you didn’t think an inside look at what you don’t see behind castle walls was legit, it is being brought to life by 40 artists who work on the TV series. 50 unexplored locations from “The World of Ice & Fire” have gone into a world-building adventure three years in the making. Oh, and this entire thing has been approved by George R. R. Martin himself.

If you’ve ever wondered what the ruins of Valyria (where they got that extremely rare Valyrian steel from) actually look like, a glimpse of them in the video shows a place that appears to have basked in former glory but is now ruled by trees and vines, with golden light filtering through the overgrowth. See the far-flung city of Asshai, which birthed Melisandre but hardly looks as evil at dawn by the seaport. An incredible aerial view of the Narrow Sea’s swirling red waters will haunt you.

You can support Unseen Westeros on Kickstarter right now. With the exhibit “revealing how it all began,” as the video says, you won’t even realize you’re waiting for that prequel after whoever it is finally ascends the Iron Throne. Sean Bean has an idea about who that might be.

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