This wicked werewolf statue from The Howling will make you bark at the moon

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

I was a wee high schooler in a Scorpions concert jersey t-shirt when director Joe Dante's The Howling came out in 1981 and it instantly became my all-time favorite werewolf flick, and 35 years later it still reigns supreme. It showcased the phenomenal makeup and creature design of the legendary Rob Bottin, the artist whose film resume went on to include such geeky classics as The Thing, Legend, Robocop, Innerspace and Total Recall.


Approved by Bottin himself, the intimidating lycanthropic form of the mad werewolf Eddie Quist has been recreated with astonishing detail by PCS Collectibles' crew of talented sculptors, and when the clock strikes 3 p.m. PST this afternoon you'll find me feverishly tapping away at my Macbook pre-ordering this badboy as an early birthday gift to myself. Hey, I deserve it!!  But entering my bank account info won't be the worst part of this transaction, it will be the interminably long waiting period until next fall when the postman will deliver this magnificent 20-pound beast to my door. Stake your claim for one this afternoon HERE.  PCS Collectibles' edition size will be limited to 300 pieces.



Here's the official description:

“I'm much more than that, bright boy.”

If there was a “Mount Rushmore” of cinematic werewolves, three portraits would be carved into it: Larry Talbot by Jack Pierce, David Kessler by Rick Baker and Eddie Quist by Rob Bottin. The first two have been merchandised in the past, but now, for the first time ever, PCS Collectibles is proud to present a 1:4 scale statue of Bottin’s seminal creature work from The Howling.

As an accomplished fx artist himself, PCS Collectibles founder Jerry Macaluso has a deep appreciation for the expression of creative skill and imagination cinema makeup can provide, considering it a personal passion.

Beyond expert technicians, Pop Culture Shock’s staff are also genre enthusiasts and collectors themselves, each with a discerning eye for authenticity and gaping respect for what Mr. Bottin accomplished in his first big solo break. Fans have been clamoring for a wolf from Joe Dante’s celebrated film for decades, and the PCS crew understood that if they didn’t produce something worthy of that wait they’d risk being shipped off to The Colony.

Fortunately for their families, their efforts resulted in a loving tribute to Serial Murderer Eddie Quist devotees around the world will be proud to own. This bloodcurdling detailed collectible stands 26" tall and comes with two (2) heads (open & closed mouths), a sticker (fans of the movie will know it) and a certificate of authenticity!

Check out the full fright gallery below, featuring all angles of the werewolf's impressive physique and snarling jaws, then tell us if you might sink your teeth into this $475 salute to The Howling.