This geektastic 6-player starship bridge simulator is pure awesome

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Dec 17, 2012

You'll never look at your Xbox or PS3 in the same way after eyeballing this extreme gaming setup. Choose your crew, have a seat, then engage the friggin' galaxy. Don't even think about going outside for months.

It's called Artemis, and it's gonna change the universe of Trekkie make-believe and multiplayer gaming forever. The crazy, six-player game is networked on multiple Windows PCs, with one giant screen or wall projector chosen as the main viewer. Five people act out the station duties of Helm, Science, Engineering, Communications and Weapons, while the lucky sixth person "makes it so" as Captain (and they get the better Barcalounger).

Have a look ...

Bored for Labor Day? Solved. Nerd out the whole three-day weekend and turn your parents' living room into a spaceship bridge. Artemis is on sale now for only $40 on its website. You'll need several computers, assorted monitors, Hot Pockets and lots of extension cords.

Electricity bills? What electricity bills?

(via Giant Freakin Robot)