This spicy actress is the new femme Nikita

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Hot, kick-ass actress Maggie Q—best known for action roles in Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard—has been cast in the title role of The CW's Nikita pilot, a reboot of the spy-fi La Femme Nikita franchise.

The Hawaiian-born actress has also appeared in Hong Kong action movies and represents a bold departure in the casting of the role, previously played by such white actresses as Anne Parrillaud (in the original 1990 French-language movie), Bridget Fonda (in the 1993 U.S. reboot Point of No Return) and, perhaps most famously, Peta Wilson, in the beloved USA Network series.

Here's how The Hollywood Reporter said it:

The CW pilot's premise of a new Nikita being trained to replace the original one after she goes rogue gave creator Craig Silverstein an opportunity to break the stereotype, and he wrote the lead as "beautiful and exotic."

The pending hire of Maggie Q in "Nikita," from WBTV and McG's Wonderland, would mark the highest-profile series role for an Asian actress on a broadcast drama series and the highest-profile CW minority casting in the network's four-year history.

We love Maggie Q, and hope you do, too. What do you think of this color-blind casting?

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