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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And those Star Wars strippers were hot ... well, to some of you.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: New Star Trek sequel has a 2012 release date!

Your best comment: I'd like to see the movie begin with Shatner waking from his sleep and saying, "Wow. I just had a nightmare that someone who's never seen star trek in his life made a horrible movie and called it Star Trek!"—vulcanrob

Our story: Star Wars strippers: Burlesque club goes to Tatooine

Your best comment: Hey, Where's Boob-a Fett?—Impy

Our story: Spidey 4's dead, Raimi & Maguire out, reboot coming

Your best comment: More contemporary?!? Oh, yes, because back in 2002 we were in the dark ages. How did we ever survive it? I mean think of all the huge advancements we've made since then. The... Uhh... Invention of the rickroll. Scifi Channel's rebranding... And uh... Twilight. These are HUGE advances in society that are necessary for a film to not be dated and look like it might be (gasp) slightly over seven years old!—Mandy

Our story: 20 crazy things that nearly happened on Lost (but fortunately didn't)

Your best comment: "The writers of Lost have loved using the "magical" Eastern upbringing of these two to get away with hilariously crazy stuff. Jin is from Korea, so naturally he can catch fish all day, enough to feed a planeful of people. He can also crew an unfamiliar racing boat with only one other man. Because he's like, you know, Asian. "

No, he doesn't have these skills because he's Asian. He has them because he was raised by a poor fisherman. He learned these skills from a young age. There was nothing "magical" about his upbringing.

Compared to Walt (psychic), Locke (watched by the Island by birth, able to survive a 8-story fall, magically healed by the Island), Claire (sent on flight by "psychic", half-sister to Jack, who delivers her baby on the Island, now possibly a ghost with her father on the Island), etc., Jin's story is downright normal.—DustMan

Our story: Our complete midseason preview of 31 hot sci-fi/fantasy shows

Your best comment: What?!? Chuck and Sarah can't have romantic difficulties! Don't the producers know that we geeks live out our fantasies vicariously through Chuck, and that one of these fantasies is a geek getting it on with a hot spy? This is completely unacceptable.—IronOre

Our story: Where Avatar's $1.3 billion REALLY comes from

Your best comment: Don't equate money with popularity. Inflation (and 3D/IMAX prices) dictates that yes....movies will indeed make lots of money. Many here may be too young to remember the Star War era when lines stretched around the block for every showing for WEEKS. I've seen a few short lines while going to Avatar, but nothing like those days.—Thradar

Our story: What's killing the porn industry? World of Warcraft!

Your best comment: "Also, if porn had a MMORPG(?), what would it be called?"

The answer? World of Whorecraft of course

Our story: Twilight actress appears in nothing but body paint (NSFW)

Your best comment: All I can muster is glee that this must be pissing Stephenie Meyer off a LOT.

Our story: Firefly to live on in new book of short stories

Your best comment: I think the main reason Joss has held off on authorizing books or stories in the 'Verse, and the reason the Shepherd's Tale comics keep being delayed, is that he has not given up hope of continuing the story on film at some point. Please note that both of the comics so far have been set before the events in Serenity, and I wouldn't be surprised if all the stories in this proposed collection will adhere to that timeline too. If and when Joss himself writes something new it will more than likely continue from the events in the movie.—ecgordon

Our story: Four Star Trek futures you may never get to see

Your best comment: It's unfortunate that these Star Trek novels--and other novels adapted from television shows--draw people away from reading original science fiction novels.

My suggestion to anyone who routinely reads Star Trek novels: make a promise to yourself for every Star Trek novel you read, you're going to read at least THREE original science fiction novels, either something recently published or a novel that's been around for a while.

Sadly, I know far too many young people who call themselves science fiction fans and the only thing they've read are novels adapted from television shows or movies--they've never even picked up a book by Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Le Guin, Niven or the many other great talents in the field. —zathras

Our story: Why ABC's not giving up on V and FlashForward. Yet

Your best comment: I was never worried about V. All the hoopla over it being in danger was nothing more than grabbing attention with catchy headlines of a big new show in danger. I'm sure ABC will stick by V.

Flash Forward though, I can't for the life of me figure out why ABC would give it a second season. I'm flabbergasted.—Kryche

Our story: The year's OTHER Sherlock Holmes film has dinosaurs!

Your best comment: I believe this shall join my collection of AMAZING movies. Right next to Transmorphers (since after all, my collection IS alphabetized). I believe this may even have the honered and special place at the end of an amazing movie marathon.... and by 'honored and special place' I mean 'movie at the end we can only barely get through' and by 'amazing movie marathon' I mean 'marathon of movies so bad they put you in physical pain'.—alatariel

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