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Dec 15, 2012

This weekend, readers in the United States will be celebrating Independence Day. Part of this freedom ensures that Blastr readers can comment (both love and hate!) on the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week's enthusiasm (and vitriol) focuses on Thrones casting rumors, superhero flags, Harrison Ford's four-letter language, rocking SF music and (fittingly) Captain America. Happy 4th!

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Game of Thrones casts a Doctor Who

Your best comment: A lot of it actually WAS drawn from real history. The core plot is loosely based on the War of the Roses (Eddard Stark, Edward of York? House Lannister, House Lancaster? Red v. white?) mixed with a healthy dose of Mongolia (Khal, Khan?), Venice city-states (Free Cities), a fallen Roman empire everyone is rebuilding out of(Valyria), European geography (Westeros fairly English shaped), Spartan warriors (the Unsullied), Hadrian's Wall (The Wall), and William the Conqueror and the Normans (Aegon The Conqueror and the Tagaryen line) thrown in for good measure.

So, yeah, while *this* story never happened in history, I wouldn't go so far as to say it wasn't part of history "in any sense." It is Martin's extensive use of *real* historical bases for his lands and peoples that make a Song of Ice and Fire so superior to many other "vaguely medieval" fantasy novels.

Just sayin'. — Clyde M

Our story: David Tennant rules in 4 awesome new Fright Night movie banners

Your best comment: This movie looks like it could be good, but why on earth call it a reboot, or remake? It could've stood on it's, own and barely has a passing resemblance to the originals. I'm already going to be disappointed by the fact that because they called it Fright Night I will have certain expectations. I wish people would make movies, and just say that they were "inspired" by a certain movie, and wanted to make something like it. — Dan

Our story: So what will Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume look like?

Your best comment: I thought it was agreed long ago that Ms Berry's depiction of Catwoman was nothing more than just a very very bad Elseworlds version of the character. not anything like the real Catwoman we know and love. — William

Our story: Half-naked warrior woman shows why skimpy armor makes no sense

Your best comment: Reminds me of the old school TSR comic Forgotten Realms. The Dwarf commented on the endowed female's armor. "How does that keep you warm?" She answered, "Its enchanted." To which he replies, "It certainly is!" — w0lfm4n

Our story: Image of the Day: Why Batman hates Sherlock Holmes

Your best comment: Awww....C`mon !
It`s no big deductive trick to figure out that Batman is Bruce Wayne under that cowl....

Who else in Gotham can afford to buy 'all those wonderful toys'...? — James Gordon

Our story: Image of the Day: 50 superhero costumes reinterpreted as flags

Your best comment: He-Man's looks like ETERNIA WILL RISE AGAIN! — orifn

Our story: Apollo 18 trailer is so creepy you'll be afraid to look at the moon

Your best comment: In space no one can hear you snore. — Kirks Hair Piece

Our story: Harrison Ford: Shia LaBeouf's a '@#$!-ing idiot' for dissing Indy 4

Your best comment: With all due respect to Harrison Ford, this is a stance he came to from personal experience, isn't it? His feud with Blade Runner director Ridley Scott was the stuff of Hollywood legend, but 30 years later, both men have long since buried the hatchet and can complement each other for their work on what's become an influential cult classic.

I respect one of Hollywood's elder statesmen wanting to give an up-and-comer some advice, but given his own prior failings, he could have been a little less sanctimonious about it. — Joe G

Our story: 8 crazy movie theater gimmicks much wilder (and lamer) than 3-D

Your best comment: I remember reading somewhere that "The Tingler" had a big of a challenge. Only certain seats in the theaters were actually wired for the effect. And after word got out, people would look for the wired seats before each showing. In some theaters, fights actually broke out over who would get to be electrocuted during the showing.

In other words, friends and neighbors, kink was alive and well back in 1959. — HwkII

Our story: Capt. Kirk (Shatner) arm wrestled Capt. Kirk (Pine)! But who won?

Your best comment: I'd like to see Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto Spock it out with dueling Vulcan neck pinches. — nohater

Our story: 18 hard-rocking songs that killed in sci-fi movie soundtracks

Your best comment: Gremlins 2 - "Angel of Death" by SLAYER

Nothing tops a gremlin turning into a giant arachnid while a song about Josef Mengele screams over the top of it. — MetalPause

Our story: New trailer shows why Steve Rogers deserves to be Captain America

Your best comment: RE:"....Steve proves his mettle by throwing himself on top of a grenade. But does the army really want to spend time and money training a soldier who is so quick to sacrifice himself?"

---You`re missing the point.

What makes a hero is the desire to risk--or lose--your own life to save others...It`s sometimes called 'The Greater Good'.
In that scene you have not only a squad of troops, but the General AND the scientist behind the entire project.
ALL of the other potential 'candidates' though only of saving THEMSELVES.
Steve Rogers thought of saving EVERYONE else. — The Patriot

Our story: So is Ridley's Scott's Prometheus an Alien prequel or not?

Your best comment: Look its pretty straight forward. He does not mind going to the same universe, but he does not find dealing with the same characters that interesting. So he wants to play in the same space, but avoid the sense that we have already been there and done that. Seems cool to me. — Ronald

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