Scientist screwups, Torchwood pics, Selleck's Indy and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Numbers and enthusiasm reign in this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments: 20 Torchwood pics! 19 classic movie monsters! 15 cameos! 11 lies! 8 Indy nuggets! 7 scientists! 5 Captain America pics! Click through for these and more info on heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Terry Pratchett.

Our story: 19 classic movie monsters scientists created by screwing up BIG

Your best comment: While a good list, I have to call The Thing's inclusion into question. All the other creatures are the result of genetic engineering, technological engineering or environmental contamination. The Thing, on the other hand, was an alien lifeform that was merely discovered by an Antartic expedition. Anyone could have found it - it wasn't a scientific mistake (though scientists are the most likely folk to be camping out in Antartica). — RTKGuy

Our story: Captain Jack rules in 20 awesome Torchwood: Miracle Day pics

Your best comment: Guns! Please! I hope the Doctor doesn't tune in as he'll be very disappointed!

Seriously, it looks -very- cool; series 1/2, Children Of Earth and now this will all have been quite different to each other which is surely a good thing. Of course people will complain "well, this isn't the Torchwood that -I- want" but that seems a little selfish. — Muntyhoven

Our story: Terry Pratchett begins formal process to end his life

Your best comment: It's a horrible place to be in. Sometimes I read the posts on the Sy Fy site and suspect that many of the posters are pretty young, and I am wondering if this may be one of those situations.

I think that most of us have known people who have helped a love one escape such a life. For us - or for our friends who have shared their stories - it isn't a plot line from a movie, but something real, and heartbreaking. It lives with you for years to come, and colors how you feel about your own death.

If he feels this is the best way to deal with this horrific illness, then he is very brave indeed. There is no "magic bullet" in sight here, no cure on the horizon. Most of our families are affected by this disease, and we may all be faced with this same choice one day, or the decision to help another leave life before all dignity and personhood is shredded from them in ways too terrible to imagine. — Richard Drake

Our story: 15 surprisingly memorable sci-fi movie cameos

Your best comment: Mel Brooks in a "Playboy" interview talked about Gene Hackman in "Young Frankenstein". He said that Hackman had approached Gene Wilder about being in the movie. He still wanted to do it after being told they could only pay him scale. They took three days to film that scene and it was worth it.

That was one of two scenes in the movie that almost caused me to pass out from laughing the first time I saw the it. The other was the conclusion of the dartboard scene between Young Frankenstein and Inspector Kemp. — DOlz

Our story: 11 of the most egregious lies from sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: It's not a lie if what you said would be true if the facts were defferent. — Athelred

Our story: Astronomer: 7 TV scientists that even real scientists approve of

Your best comment: No love for Roy Hinkley (the Professor on Gilligan's Island)?? Come on...the man could build a short wave radio out of coconuts for goodness sake! — Dave Higgins

Our story: 5 dramatic new pics spotlight Captain America's allies (and enemy)

Your best comment: Um... is it just me or does Dr. Abraham Erskine look a little bit like the elephant man in that picture? — SomeCoolName

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Batman and Bane's Dark Knight Rises spoiler

Your best comment: This might play into hollywood's proposed continuation of Batman outside of Nolan. If they decide to play out the Knightfall story line which was great it could lead to another actor playing Batman an easier transition then just replacing Bruce Wayne. Something to think about. — Jamie

Our story: 8 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark

Your best comment: Spaghetti-O's? I'd rather have dysentery. — David

Our story: Watch Wonder Woman pout in (extremely brief) leaked promo teaser

Your best comment: Did anyone read the plot? It was so far from the actual comic in terms of origin & Character that it would have been terrible. Without Linda Carter, anyway.

Why wouldn't they just have has her as the ambassador from Themyscira? And shelve the "secret identity" stuff. I always enjoyed her as a super-hero who didn't have one and was a bit puzzled by Superman & Batman using them. Thank god this dies the quick death it deserved.

Network TV is no place for the blood, battles and bondage of Wonder Woman. HBO or Starz now... — Woodrow Wilson SZMith

Our story: Shia LaBeouf officially quitting Transformers: 'I'm not coming back'

Your best comment: He is a good actor but I will miss him less than Megan Fox. His character isn't really needed any more for the story but he did a good job in Transformers 1. They could just focus more on the Transformers story line and less on the humans. — diesel

Our story: Spoiler alert! Guess who shot a scene for The Dark Knight Rises?

Your best comment: I believe the reality rule should be implemented for The Dark Knight Rises. The reality rule has worked for the last two films. If the chemistry works, why ruin it. As for Ra's al Ghul, it is probably a small part that will lead to the main plot that Nolan is trying to convey in this latest movie. — Shadow

Our story: Tom Selleck's 'really, really good' screen test for Indiana Jones

Your best comment: On Magnum p.i., season 8, episode 10, they did a spoof on Indiana Jones called The Legend of the Lost Art. It was really good and from seeing that I'd say Tom would've been a great Indy. Everyone should see this episode if possible. — drpepper

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