Thor 3 is on the way, and it's already got a writing team

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Jan 30, 2014

Marvel has officially begun hammering out a third solo adventure for the God of Thunder.

The first Thor film was a box-office hit in 2011, earning nearly $450 million worldwide and, among other things, introducing us all to the force of nature and perennial Tumblr darling that is Tom Hiddleston, not to mention Chris Hemsworth's winning smile and unshakeable gun show arms. As the second film to spin out of the massive success of The Avengers, last year's Thor: The Dark World was an even bigger hit, grossing more than $600 million worldwide (making it Marvel's third-biggest movie to date) with big action, big laughs and a further expansion of the Marvel cosmos. So it's no surprise that, just months after that film hit theaters, Marvel Studios has announced a writing team for Thor 3.

The company made the announcement via Marvel's website Wednesday that Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost will team up for the third Thor screenplay. Both men already have a successful history with the Thor franchise, but they've also each got some serious genre street cred in other areas, both as collaborators and as individuals. Both have deep roots in Marvel's animation department, where they co-created the character X-23 -- who eventually spun into the comics universe and continues to be a force among Marvel's mutants -- for the X-Men: Evolution animated series. In addition to their work on Evolution, Kyle has also served as writer and producer for Marvel animated properties like Wolverine and the X-MenUltimate Avengers and Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, and Yost has written episodes (and sometimes served as head writer) for everything from Wolverine and the X-Men  to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They've also both got major comics writing credits at Marvel, including collaborating on New X-Men, Young X-Men and X-Force. And if you liked Thor: The Dark World, both men are partially responsible. Kyle served as executive producer on the film, whie Yost co-wrote it. Now Kyle is transitioning from his job as a senior vice president for production and development at Marvel Studios into a full-time screenwriting gig for the company, and Yost is back for another round in Asgard.

"I am proud of Craig and have enjoyed working with him over these past years," said Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige. "His creative instincts have helped shape 'Thor' and 'Thor: The Dark World' at every level of the filmmaking process. The entire team at Marvel is very happy to continue collaborating with Craig as he continues as a screenwriter working with Christopher on the forthcoming chapter of Thor's adventure."

No word yet on when the film will be released (though Marvel already has box-office dates in 2016 and 2017 reserved for still-unnamed films), where the plot will focus or which characters will return, though based on how The Dark World left things, we can probably make a few guesses along those lines. For one thing, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are very likely not going anywhere, but what else will we get? The Casket of Ancient Winters? The Midgard Serpent? Beta Ray Bill? We can only have fun guessing for the moment, but one thing's for sure: Thor's coming back after Age of Ultron, and he looks to be in good hands.

(Marvel via CBR)

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