Thor and Korg talk weapons in a hilarious new clip from Ragnarok

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Oct 11, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

We're just weeks away from the arrival of Thor: Ragnarok, but the film already had its premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles Tuesday night (Why don't Thor movies premiere on Thursday? It seems so logical). To celebrate the occasion, co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Hemsworth unveiled a new clip from the film. 

In the clip, Thor's preparing to go into cosmic gladiator battle, and he's chatting about weapons with Korg, a stone alien creature played by Waititi. Thor has just lost his mythical hammer, Mjolnir, and he's clearly still hurt by its absence, so he tries to explain its importance to Korg. The creature really doesn't understand the physics of how Mjolnir works at first, and it makes for a hilarious moment. As Hemsworth told Kimmel, the scene was originally scripted as one line, but then grew as they began playing around with the various weapons on set and improvising. Hemsworth also noted that the improvisational tone of the scene was part of the spirit of the entire film.

"We were on set, playing around with the weapons before we shot the scene. It was one line, originally," he said. "And the art department just went mental on their artistic collaboration and invented all sorts of ridiculous weapons, and we were laughing about 'Oh my God, what the hell's this thing, and what the hell's that?' So we just started improv-ing a lot of that scene, and that was the tone of most of the movie, was sort of an encouraged improvisation."


Hemsworth (who rocked his suit, by the way) was the main guest on Kimmel's show Tuesday night, but Waititi and Ruffalo also made an appearance through an interview in the green room. Kimmel, a longtime comics fan, praised Ruffalo's performance as the best version of the Hulk onscreen so far, but then the interview was interrupted by Matt Damon. Damon's not a Marvel star (yet), but he and Kimmel have a longstanding satirical rivalry, so it added an extra layer of humor to an already fun show. Check out a clip of Damon crashing the interview below.

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters November 2.