Thor evolves yet again in Infinity War

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Who's the real Shapeshifter in this family? While ostensibly the son of Odin most likely to turn into a snake, snap back to his own form, and stab you at close range is Loki, Chris Hemsworth has revealed that after the (very, very welcome) changes Thor underwent personality-wise under Taika Waititi's watch in Thor: Ragnarok, we can expect yet another new iteration of Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. And while it's a little as-yet-unknown whether Hemsworth could be said to prefer the further evolution, one thing is for sure: he's right there with us championing the funnier, less full-of-himself Thor we saw in the third installment. (Jane, we get why you left.) 

According to Australia's Daily Telegraph, reporting now on a set visit to Atlanta from this past December, Hemsworth told reporters then that he actually called Infinity Wars' directors Joe and Anthony Russo at the get-go to make his case that the Ragnarok Thor was the one he wanted to carry forward. "I came into this and called Joe and Anthony and said, 'Look, don't write me the old Thor, we've got a new Thor now." He then explained that the Russo brothers told him Thor would evolve yet again, which--considering the fan reaction to last year's much more likeable Thor, took a minute for Hemsworth to embrace. 

" I was like, 'no, no, no,'" said Hemsworth, "and I was really protective of what I'd created with Taika." But, he continued, "They [the Russo brothers] then said, 'No, this is a whole different thing; Thor's never faced something like this, never been a part of this large an ensemble." Still, Hemsworth called the process a "hugely exciting adventure," so it seems like they hammered it out in the end. (Sorry, sorry. Couldn't help it.)