Thor intimidated by Star-Lord? Hemsworth's confession of first meeting Pratt

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 15, 2017

Much has been made of the battle of Chrises. After all, Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt are all superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Pine has been in both Star Trek and Wonder Woman. It's good to be a Chris in Hollywood right now. While the debate rages on, one has admitted to being intimidated by another, and it may surprise you (if, you know, you skipped past the headline).

In an interview with Elle, Chris Hemsworth was asked the last time he was intimidated by another man, and he was quick to answer with one of his Avengers: Infinity War co-stars.

“The first time I really met Chris Pratt, and went on set with him and the Guardians, I was weirdly shaken,” the actor, who plays the oft-intimidating Thor, God of Thunder, said with a laugh. “I don’t know why. He’s just so charismatic, and good at what he does.”

Of course, Pratt’s not the most intimidating person Hemsworth has worked on a Marvel movie with – that title goes to Cate Blanchett, who plays the villain Hela in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

“She calls you on your s***t straightaway, which is intimidating,” Hemsworth said of his co-star. “You know, she’s Cate Blanchette, for God’s sake! There’s quite a feeling of wanting to impress her.”

He said that once he got used to her intimidating presence, they’d be “drinking and telling stories and cracking jokes,” and praised her “wild sense of humor.”

In the footage for Avengers: Infinity War shown at this summer’s conventions, Thor was seen floating in space before the Guardians of the Galaxy (led by Pratt’s Star-Lord) literally run into him. An intimidating first meeting, indeed.

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters Nov. 3, 2017. Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters May 4, 2018.