Does this leaked toy image reveal our first glimpse at Thor's new weapon in Infinity War?

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Jan 26, 2018

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War showed us a lot, from Captain America leading the charge of the Wakandan army to Thanos and Iron Man going head-to-head. Among the characters who didn't get much screentime in the trailer, though, was Thor. 

We know (or at least, we can imply) that Thor and Loki encountered Thanos' flagship at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, and the Infinity War trailer ends with a brief tease of the God of Thunder encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere out in the cosmos. Throughout all of this, Thor's been wandering around hammer-less, since Hela destroyed his beloved Mjolnir pretty early on in Ragnarok. While he got plenty of cool weapons to play with during his gladiatorial adventures, it was pretty easy to guess that Thor would have a new signature weapon to take with him into Infinity War. Now, we may have our first peek at what that weapon is.

On Thursday, a post appeared on Reddit that purported to show a leaked first look at Thor's Infinity War Funko POP! vinyl figure. His overall look is still intact from Ragnarok, but if you take a look at his left hand, you'll notice something different.


It's hard to make out, as it's small and behind plastic, but that weapon looks like some kind of combination of axe and warhammer. It maintains the same kind of Asgardian, almost Medieval flair, but it looks less sophisticated than Mjolnir ever did. Readers of the comics might even draw parallels between this design and the massive axe wielded by young Thor during Jason Aaron's run on The Mighty Thor.

As for what special abilities it may or may not have, we've got no idea, but at full scale it definitely will look imposing in Chris Hemsworth's hands.

This is all unconfirmed, but what do you think? Is this the perfect new weapon for Thor's Infinity War adventures?

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