11 things from Thor: Ragnarok trailer pulled directly from Marvel Comics

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Apr 10, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

The glorious first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok from director Taika Waititi has arrived, and it is full of crowd-pleasing moments. Whether you're drooling over Cate Blanchett's killer look (and moves) as Hela, goddess of the underworld, squealing over a platoon of Valkyries riding into battle on their winged horses or just plain freaking out at gladiator Hulk, we're right there with you.

There's also an impressive amount of things that are pulled right out of the pages of Marvel Comics. We take a look at the trailer with some side-by-side comparisons to see how this movie really leaps off the printed page to the silver screen.


Mjolnir Shattered

Thor's mystically-powered hammer Mjolnir has been shattered a few times in the pages of Marvel Comics, most recently in Thor Vol. 3 #601. In that case, Thor fought his grandfather Bor and hit him so hard he partially shattered Mjolnir. The hammer has also been cut in two by the Destroyer, shattered entirely by Molecule Man, broken by a blast from the Celestial Exitar, busted when a dark god named Perrikus cut it in two, shattered against other Uru-metal weapons wielded by Storm Giants – look, it's mystical stone, but it's still just stone, okay?


Hela's Helmeted Headdress

Hela proves once again that while some superhero movie franchises try to shy away from comics-accurate costumes and looks, Marvel's success in translating from page to screen continues. The horned helmet is rumored to be a source of power for Hela, allowing her to channel all her ability to its full potential, and we see it on her particularly when she's fighting large groups of people in the trailer.


Is that the Odinsword?

Hela has been known to wield a couple of different swords of her own, but we have to wonder, based on the context of her holding the sword while declaring Asgard dead, and the fact the movie is technically called Ragnarok if this is the Odinsword. Odin himself has declared the sword's alternate name is Ragnarok, after all. Again, Hela does have a powerful sword of her own, though it's typically depicted as a much longer, pointier thing, and the context makes us lean toward the Odinsword.


Valkyries on Pegasuses!

When we heard Tessa Thompson was playing Valkyrie in this film, we instantly wanted to know: would we also get a Pegasus? Well, we do in what looks like a flashback scene, as several Valkyries and Pegasuses (Pegasi?) fly into battle with Hela. Not only is that ripped right from the comics, but Valkyrie's signature blue cape shows up here as well.


Skurge the Executioner

Karl Urban's Skurge looks like this master of weapons and enforcer for Hela will be appropriately badass in his big-screen debut. The character is known to wield all sorts of weapons, even guns (atypical for most Thor-related characters), and the shot of him firing off two automatic rifles was taken straight off the comic page.


Short-Haired Thor

When Thor Odinson became unworthy (no longer able to wield Mjolnir) in the pages of Marvel Comics, he also got a bit of a makeover, which included the short haircut. The Unworthy Thor gets trimmed, with a short beard as well – yes, this is pretty dead-on with that design. He also picks up another weapon along the way, the godkiller axe Jarnbjorn, which it looked like he was wielding in the concept art of Thor and Rocket in Avengers: Infinity War, so we may see him pick that up in this film, too.


Jack Kirby Designs

The designs of Jack Kirby are all over this trailer, from his signature concentric circles and sharp lines to the weapon and shield Thor wields that look like they're part of some far-off machine (like something the Eternals or DC's New Gods would wield), and even a couple of characters seen later in the trailer. This door is a great example – it looks like it could've been copied right out of the pages of Kirby's Thor or cosmic work for Marvel.


Thor's Helmet in Action

Speaking of Kirby, yes, we get a take on Thor's helmet here, though the 'wings' on it are a little more practical than that dream sequence version we saw in the first Thor film. The fact that he's wearing his helmet into battle with the Hulk should please a lot of hardcore fans who've been waiting for this moment.


Sakaar Arena

While it wasn't Grandmaster's in the comics, the arena and this gladiator planet of Sakaar are taken out of the storyline Planet Hulk by Greg Pak with artists Aaron Lopresti and Carlo Pagulayan. It's also been translated into an animated film, where Hulk fought Thor-surrogate Beta Ray Bill. Everything on Sakaar revolves around these gladiatorial matches, which are meant to be between the strongest warriors, taken from their home planets, much as it'll probably be shown here.


Gladiator Hulk

And speaking of gladiators, we get the armored, helmeted Gladiator Hulk in all his glory, teased last year in concept art and the armor being on display at Comic-Con. There's something a little silly about someone with near-bulletproof skin wearing armor, but it just looks so badass we really can't help but love it. Looks like the team at Marvel Studios studied the comic and the excellent Sideshow statue very hard while figuring out Hulk's look in the film.


Jack Kirby's Celestials/Eternals?

We've seen some Celestials already in the MCU, and it's been rumored for years that some take on the Eternals was coming, but nothing concrete has happened there. Still, this figure standing behind the Grandmaster toward the end of the trailer is clearly based very directly off an old Kirby Celestial design. With the close link between the Celestials and Eternals in the comics, this could be our first glimpse of an Eternal in the MCU. Of course, it could also just be an awesome Kirby design they decided to use because they couldn't pass it up.

What other Marvel Comics nods and Easter eggs did you notice in the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer? Sound off in the comments below!