Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi has a great idea for a Black Widow movie

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

There's still a week to go until Thor: Ragnarok is released to the public and its director is already brainstorming about another possible addition he could make to the MCU and it's probably nothing anyone ever expected.

The third Thor film is being hailed as the funniest Marvel movie yet with a central character who was once all Shakespearan pomp and circumstance. In other words, the son of Odin was a bit of a bore when we first met him back in 2011 and has blossomed into a beautiful vehicle for joke-making ever since. That being said, Taikia Waititi believes he can infuse his comedic sensibilities into another super serious character, one with a terribly dark and tragic past: Black Widow

“In all honesty, I reckon I could probably bring something pretty unique to any of the franchises. So I’d love to see Black Widow," the New Zealand-native filmmaker said in an interview with Gizmodo. “[I’d like to see] Black Widow as something crazy and a bit funnier than we expect it to be," he continued, saying he'd like to explore the funny side/version (is there such a thing?) of Nathasha Romanoff's harsh upbringing as a Russian assassin.

The thought doesn't scare him at all. In fact, he prefers the challenge. “I really go for the underdog,” he continued. “[And] I think there’s a way in with any of the characters. You just have to find it and find what honors what’s already there with the source material but also brings it into a more entertaining form for the audience.”

It's a totally bonkers idea, but if anyone is up to the task of turning the story of a young woman being brainwashed and kept away from normal society so she can become the ultimate killing machine into something kinda funny, it's Waititi. Marvel Studios definitely needs some more female-led movies on its roster, particularly after Brie Larson opened the floodgates with the announcement of Captain Marvel. If you listen closely, you can already hear Kevin Feige getting ScarJo on the line. Here's hoping, at least.