New Thor photo STILL doesn't reveal the helmet

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Dec 14, 2012

Yesterday we gave you new photos of both Captain America and the rebooted Spider-Man suited up and ready for action. But it's not a complete set of current Marvel productions until we show you the latest picture of the Mighty Thor, from the upcoming high-profile adaptation directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The first thing we notice in the Entertainment Weekly photo is that Thor appears to be in the throes of roid rage. In the comic books, Odin tossed him out of Asgard to teach him humility. Instead, Thor should be learning anger management.

The next thing we notice is—as with Captain America—Thor's costume has been tweaked to fit the movie's modern sensibilities. Although Thor's cape remains true to the original, his blue shirt has been muted down and given a reptilian look.

But what we inevitably notice is the lack of helmet (an item so iconic that it gave this nebula its name). In fact, the helmet with its the face-framing wings only gets a brief flash of screen time in the trailer.

You would think that Thor and Captain America's downplay of wings is because wings aren't in this season. But thanks to ComicBookMovie, we get an eyeful of it here:

Persnickety Marvel fans have wondered why Thor wears a helmet when he's a god. Maybe it's because many of his foes are also gods. Or maybe it's because he likes the Art Deco look. We know we do.

Marvel has been cranking out movies of its first-tier comic books as fast as directors can make them. Thor, to be released in the U.S. on May 6, is the next one up, with Chris Hemsworth starring as the fallen god. We'll be watching them as fast as we can get to the theaters.

(Via Superhero Hype!)

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