Thor's younger brother might star in Independence Day 2

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Jan 27, 2015, 5:51 PM EST

Fooled you for a minute there, huh? You probably thought I was going to tell you that Tom Hiddleston had been cast in the long-awaited sequel to Independence Day, but that's not the case.

According to The Wrap, Liam Hemsworth, younger brother of Thor and The Avengers star Chris Hemsworth, has been approached to star in director/producer Roland Emmerich's followup to his 1996 alien-invasion blockbuster. The younger Hemsworth is best known at this point as part of another franchise, The Hunger Games, in which he plays Katniss' best friend/would-be love interest Gale.

Liam Hemsworth as Johnny Storm

This was a huge challenge, because Chris Evans was a pretty good Human Torch. So we knew we would need someone with superhero in their DNA. Considering Liam's brother, Chris, is Thor, we'd say he qualifies. We loved him as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games and we want to see him stretch his acting muscles with the snarky and brash Johnny Storm.

There's no word on what the role is, but if Hemsworth signs on, he'll be joining returning ID4 cast members Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan has also reportedly been approached about the movie.

Will Smith is not coming back for the sequel, which still, at this point, bears the incredibly unfortunate name ID Forever. The script recently went through its third rewrite, but so far there are no plans to back off the proposed May 2015 production start and June 24, 2016, opening day. Not that more rewrites ever stopped any movie from going in front of the cameras with a release date to make.

The reported plot has the aliens returning to Earth some 20 or 25 years after their first attempted conquest to give it another go -- and maybe enjoy a little revenge -- but in that time we've learned how to use the technology that the evil extraterrestrials left behind the first time, which might even the odds a bit.

Is Liam Hemsworth the right guy to lead the defense?