Those Avatar sequels? Cameron says he's writing a novel FIRST

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Looking forward to returning to Pandora in those two Avatar sequels James Cameron's been talking about? Us, too. But before the director starts filming, there's another Avatar-related project he wants to get out of the way.

According to an interview with MTV's Adam Rosenberg, Cameron plans to put "more meat on the bones" of his universe with a novel before getting Avatar back on the screen:

"Really, what I'm working on right now primarily is the novel. Because I never had a chance to get the novel done while we were making the movie, and I always intended to. I didn't want to do a cheesy novelization, where some hack comes in and kind of makes s--t up. I wanted to do something that was a legitimate novel that was inside the characters' heads and didn't have the wrong cultural stuff, the wrong language stuff, all that.

Check out MTV's complete interview below.

While we wish Cameron didn't feel the need to slam tie-in novelists—after all, there have been some great ones—we have to admit we'll be interested in seeing what he comes up with.

How about you?