Those mistakes Heroes made? Here's how The Cape plans not to make them

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Remember when Heroes first started and it was like the best thing ever? People were saying, "Save the cheerleader, save the world" and wondering how they were going to stop Peter from exploding? But three years later, Heroes fizzled out, and now we're left wondering ... is it safe to get excited about another NBC superhero show?

Uh, yes. Think positive, people. The Cape, coming early next year, is about a framed cop who dresses like his son's favorite comic-book hero to fight crime. The first big difference from Heroes is that The Cape will have weekly crimes to solve, not so much discovering little things each week. That was creator Tom Wheeler's pitch to NBC.

"One of the things we found with Heroes was it was so much about the discovery of their powers, and that was sort of the premise of the first year," Bromstad said on July 30 in Beverly Hills, Calif. at the Television Critics Association fall press tour. "This is really more of a procedural. This was the show runner's vision of the show and I think that he probably saw this more as a comic book and more that this is the way he wanted to tell the story. I think he did want to avoid some of the issues on Lost and Heroes. I think it's a fair thing, and I think he definitely wanted to do that."

Difference #2, the Cape is a self-made crime fighter. He's more like a Batman or Green Hornet type who puts on a costume to kick butt. Viewers won't have to worry about following the rules of magical powers. "This character in The Cape doesn't have superpowers," Bromstad said. "He's trained in a way that he just is able to manipulate things, but he doesn't have superpowers the way the heroes characters did."

The villains the Cape faces may have some technology beyond the real world. But his own methods only look like magic, the way an illusionist does. That's actually cooler, making it look like he's superpowered when he's really just a skilled guy.

"He's trained by this character, sort of a Houdini," Bromstad said.

The Cape stars David Lyons, Summer Glau (yes, Summer Glau!) and Vinnie Jones. It's coming to NBC in 2011.