Those rumors about Avatar 5? Sam Worthington explains

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

After the success of Avatar, James Cameron has been teasing fans with vague hints about his next films. There could be an Avatar sequel, but Cameron says the deals need to be worked out with the studio. At least he's confirmed he will direct the next installment, but may turn the third over to another director. He's also discussed a live-action Battle Angel movie, based on the manga and anime.

Avatar's Sam Worthington knows what it will take to get Cameron to settle on an Avatar sequel. "I think with any undertaking with the manpower and time that it takes to make that kind of movie, Jim's got to find the challenge," Worthington said in a press conference on March 21 in Beverly Hills, Calif. where he was promoting Clash of the Titans. "He's got to push the bar again. Here's a man that raises the bar, dares everyone to jump over it and gives you the courage to jump over it, but he's got to find the challenge for himself. I think at the moment he's busy with other things, but it's definitely on the books."

Access Hollywood quoted Worthington as saying he expects to be making Avatar 5. They didn't get the Australian sarcasm in his voice. "Once again, Sam Worthington misquoted," Worthington said. "No, I think Jim had an arc for three. Three's a great number. Three's the number you do, a triangle number. At the moment, we didn't even know we would go and do a second one until it fully gets embraced. I think the fact that it got embraced so quickly, so amazingly, which is mind-blowing for all of us, means an audience wouldn't mind going back to Pandora with us. I don't know about five."

Worthington added that his, Cameron's and the rest of the Avatar crew's goal would be to make the next movie great. Otherwise the question of three or five would be moot. "I know it would be three, probably, but if you do the second one and it's terrible, you don't do the third one. It all depends on audiences. That's why you make movies."

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