Those X-Files 3 rumors? Here's what Gillian Anderson REALLY said

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

How quickly the truth can change! Almost as soon as the prospect had surfaced of a third X-Files flick—likely following agents Mulder and Scully on the hunt for more alien conspiracies—comes the totality of what the erstwhile Dana Scully actually said to an Australian journalist.

The news of a David Duchovny-Gillian Anderson X-Files reunion tore across the Internet based, essentially, on a single tweet from Aussie television personality Kylie Speer, who said:

"Just interviewed Gillian Anderson...she is super-stunning in real life and said hopes that an #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!"

Which is sort of what actually happened. But the blokes at Bleeding Cool have transcribed the actual TV interview and found that this is what she said:

We're hoping to ... that's something that we've said from the beginning, that we'd be interested in doing it if it ever came up again. I know that there are some discussions about it, I have no idea at what stage. There might a script, or how interested Fox is in doing it. We're all hoping that it's something that might take place. But they better hurry. 2012, which is the perfect subject matter, is coming up quickly.

So, that's that. Carry on.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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