Though Marvel's Star Wars comics start small, they will dig into 'other eras' soon

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Sep 23, 2014

Marvel didn’t wait too long to announce what they’d be doing with the newly reacquired Star Wars license, but fans from the Dark Horse days might’ve been left wanting in regard to stories outside the original trilogy timeline. Well, we have some good news.

Marvel Comics Editor Jordan D. White spoke with Coffee With Kenobi about their long-term plans for the property, and he revealed they’ll definitely be digging into other eras and arcs in the future. White noted that the creative team realizes there are a ton of other great stories to tell in the Star Wars universe — they just want to take a bit of time to work up to them:

“As for other eras, yeah, that is one of the great parts about Star Wars, there are so many terrific points in their history we can explore. With these first series, we wanted to stick all in the same era in order to create the sort of inter-connected universe feel we get between Marvel books. But I am certain we’re going to be turning to those other eras in future series. Heck — I know for a fact we’re working on at least one of those … but we’re not ready to announce it just yet.”

So, if they plan on launching series in other eras down the line, why open up with books set clearly in the original trilogy timeline — specifically between the original 1977 Star Wars movie and its 1980 sequel, The Empire Strikes Back? According to White, it was a conscious effort to go back to the basics of what made the franchise so great to start with and tell fresh stories with players like Luke, Han and Leia:

“It’s all the iconic characters at their peaks. Luke is a new hero still finding his way. Han has just turned from scoundreldom to the rebellion. Leia has just lost her planet and is coming into her own. Vader is the biggest bad guy out there and on their trail. There is something that seemed right to kick things off where it all began. It seemed like the best place to launch.”

We were huge fans of the awesome, varied stories Dark Horse has told with this franchise over the past several years — but it’s hard to argue Marvel’s return to form isn’t a good move to generate some new excitement around the brand leading into Star Wars: Episode VII.

What do you think? What would you like to see from Marvel’s new-look Star Wars books?

(Via Coffee With Kenobi)

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