Three intriguing Doctor Who rumors that may (or may not) be true

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Dec 14, 2012

Filming for the upcoming series six of Doctor Who is still underway in and around Cardiff, and some (more) crazy rumors have started popping up again—with one likely to be true, a second one possibly true and a third one that has us scratching our heads in disbelief.

(What we report below can be considered spoilers, but please, do take some of them with a grain of salt.)

The Sontarans are coming back in series six

The first—and most likely—rumor concerns our favourite potato-head aliens.

There are reports that a lone Sontaran trooper was spotted near the TARDIS while the Doctor Who cast and crew were filming what is currently believed to be episode seven.

However, there appears to be some overlapping with the filming of episodes five and six (The Rebel Flesh / Gangers) featuring a storyline about cloning. Surely the appearance of the Sontarans is a shoo-in for it? They reproduce themselves by cloning, after all.

The classic Cybermen are to make a long-awaited return

Now, we've heard that one quite a few times before, but it seems that there's a possibility that the classic Cybermen (not the alternate Cybermen from a parallel universe introduced in the Russell T Davies era with the 2006 episodes Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel) will make a return in episode seven of series six.

The storyline "sees the Doctor and company arrive in Egypt, where they encounter the cyber menace again."

There's also this concept art below, which is apparently a redesigned Cyberman who's been given a complete makeover. It's apparently closer to the Cybermen's appearance on Doctor Who from the late 1960s.

Amy will get pregnant again, and who's the daddy?

Now this is the rumor that's the silliest, least believable, "are-you-kidding-me?" one, since Amy was pregnant in last year's episode Amy's Choice. (OK, it was only a dream, but why would Steven Moffat want to bring that up again?)

According to Unreality TV:

The Time Lord's companion—played by Karen Gillan—will be elated when she finds out she's going to be a mum and rushes to tell new husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) the good news.

However, his response isn't what she expects and things turn sour when Rory starts to suspect the baby isn't his, and immediately points the finger at the Doctor.

An insider explained: "Amy has been obsessed with the Doc ever since she met him as a child and started making her Raggedy Doctor dolls. She went off in the Tardis with him and left Rory behind.

"Rory is suspicious that maybe the pair got it on in the Tardis with before he finally married Amy. The Doc, of course, denies it's him."

And then it gets even more unbelievable:

However, the titular character—played by Matt Smith—won't be the only person in the frame as the baby's father.

Other potential daddies include painter Vincent Van Gogh8212;who Amy and the Time Lord met during the last series of the BBC One show when he became smitten with the flame-haired female—as well as a Dalek or even an evil Cyberman.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "It leads to a big who's the daddy plotline."

Again, please take everything with a grain of salt (especially that last one).

Still—do you believe there could be any truth to these rumors? What do you think?

(via Doctor Who TV)