Three playful Star Wars posters to help elevate your midichlorians

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Dec 16, 2012

Check out this amazing trio of comical Star Wars movie posters using toon-style sketches of all our favorite film characters and creatures. Almost makes you forget the poignant power of the original one-sheets ... almost.

The 16x20 prints are all hand-drawn into a fresh, colorful collage by Southern California designer and illustrator Christopher Lee. Having the same name as Count Dooku's stately English actor does allow a certain pedigreed link with the Star Wars omniverse, but Lee's work pulsates with its own boyish enthusiasm. He's captured with perfect clarity the simple sense of fun and energy found in the first trilogy.

You can find Lee's whimsical works at or by stumbling onto his tumblr page. Though he's done graphic design work for an impressive roster of clients, such as Nike, Hasbro, Honda and Target, to us these three amigos could be the crowning gems of his young portfolio so far. Here's a personal comment on the posters from Lee's website:

"This is my little tribute to all three Star Wars movies. I've always wanted to do a 'movie style' print commemorating each of these iconic movies and I finally buckled down and did them."

Tell us. Does Lee's Star Wars art trifecta hit the sweet spot for you, or should they go back to the drawing board?

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