Thrift shop cleverly uses pictures of Jeff Goldblum to sell its frames

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Sep 4, 2018

Jeff Goldblum's face has been used to hawk all kinds of goods and services over the years, from frequent ads for Apartments.com to a Jurassic Park-themed commercial for Jeep that ran during the Super Bowl back in February to a giant Ian Malcolm statue that was recently displayed in London to promote the addition of the 1993 film to Sky's NowTV subscription service. 

But it might be one UK-based charity shop that's found a particularly ingenious way to advertise their otherwise lonely frames, as pointed out last week by Twitter user Simon Reah.

That's right. Jeff Goldblum's face is now gazing out from every single frame in this thrift store, wherever it is. As resident devotees to every bit of news that comes from Goldblum's camp, we're absolute fans of this particular bit of guerilla marketing. What better way to entice someone into picking up a new frame for their home than by adorning it with one of the most pleasant visages in geekdom?

Not to be outdone, WIRED columnist Johnny Haeusler snapped a photo of his office restroom, which has also adopted a secondary role: to showcase quality Goldblum pics.

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's that addition of Jeff Goldblum to an otherwise empty surface, frame or riverside location will never not be welcome. The only question that remains is: where is this thrift shop located so we can visit and buy ALL of the frames, Goldblum included? 

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