Thrones' Jason Momoa explains why he turned down a role in Marvel's Guardians

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Feb 25, 2014, 6:35 PM EST

Before Dave Bautista locked down the role of Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, sci-fi vet Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Stargate Atlantis) was up for the gig. So why’d he take his name out of the running?

Momoa had a great chat with Zap2it about his flirtation with James Gunn’s upcoming deep-space adventure, and said he ultimately decided to back away from the role because it was a bit too much like his Ronon character on Stargate: Atlantis, and he didn’t want to run the risk of being typecast as the “quiet, mean” alien warrior guy. Admittedly, that’s a pretty small pigeonhole. But still.

Here’s an excerpt of what he said about the project, and why it wasn’t a good fit:

"I think it's perfectly cast. Dave is perfect for that role, for Drax. It didn't really fit in my time because I've done so many things where I don't say much and I'm colored up and I have my shirt off again. I made a conscious choice to turn down some movies that were action-based to direct 'Road to Paloma' so people could see that side.

I want my children to see their father happy. It's not that it's not a good role, it just wasn't the right thing. I was on Stargate: Atlantis for four years playing a similar character called Ronon, who was an alien who didn't say much and grunted. I've been there and done that, whether people have seen it or not. You want to stretch.”

Though you’d have to think Guardians would be a fun film to work on, it makes sense that Momoa would want to try something new at this point. His entire career has been built on angry, quiet warriors. As cool as those roles may seem, we could understand how that’d be a bit grating after a few years.

Regardless, Momoa said he had a great time during the audition process, and promised fans will be blown away by Chris Pratt’s Han Solo-esque take on Star Lord. Here’s the choice quote:

“One of the funnest auditions I've ever done in my life was with him. He's phenomenal. He's going to kill it. It's going to be amazing. It’s a whole Han Solo vibe. It's going to be a phenomenal movie. I'm glad that he is the lead of that. He's funny as hell, man. He can improv; he just acts circles around me. It was really, really fantastic.”

Guardians of the Galaxy opens Aug. 1. Would you have preferred Momoa or Bautista?

(Via Zap2it)