Thrones showrunner criticizes 'sanitized' TV violence

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Jun 5, 2013, 9:33 AM EDT (Updated)

Violence on television has always been a hot topic, and now a producer for one of the most violent shows out there is taking aim at the way gore and death is handled on the small screen.

Game of Thrones producer Dan Weiss chimed in during a recent panel about television violence, noting the “sanitized” style often shown on network and cable television shows can start to desensitize a generation to the true brutality of death.

It’s an interesting note, especially from a guy partially responsible for bringing the gruesomely insane “Red Wedding” to life just a few days ago. Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

"Violence in the real world is awful to witness. But it's the sanitized versions of violence on TV that are worse ... On network TV, people die in droves in a way that's clean and easy to watch and fun. It's more like an old video game... 

Especially with the gore, there's a line beyond which it starts to work against itself and... looks like The Evil Dead 2 - it becomes a splatterfest.”

Weiss has a point, and there’s something about a more brutal, realistic portrayal of death that makes a viewer pay attention. Heck, look no further than the incensed response to last week’s episode of Thrones to see a fan base forced to take death very, very seriously. 

Do you agree with Weiss? Is death becoming more videogame-esque on the small screen, and do we need to reconfigure the way it is portrayed? 

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)