Thrones actress says more male nudity needed: 'Let's see some @#$!'

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Dec 17, 2012

Just last week, Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall (who directed the superb ''Blackwater'' episode written by George R R. Martin) created quite a stir by revealing how there was a producer in charge of making sure the perv side of the audience got what it wanted from the show—namely, lots of T&A and a good dose of female full-frontal nudity. But what about male full-frontal nudity?

In a fascinating interview with The Independant, actress Natalia Tena, who plays the Wildling Osha on the popular HBO fantasy series (she was also Tonks in those Harry Potter movies), frankly—and rather colorfully—addressed the whole nudity bit (pun intended) on Game of Thrones and talked about THAT particular scene where she had to undress and go full-frontal in order to "strategically seduce" Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)—who'd captured Winterfell—in order to help the Stark kids escape:

'I don't give a f--k about nakedness. As an actor, [...] obviously if it calls for it. You're not just going to get naked otherwise that's just basically doing porn. But if it calls for it, I really think you should get over yourself.'

For that particular scene, Tena revealed that she'd been ready to either wear a merkin (pubic wig), or even grow her own hair (talk about being 100 percent dedicated to one's art), but alas, it didn't happen:

'I was a bit upset about the fact that they showed my minge without hair because I think my character would have a massive bush. I would have muff, like a muff coming down the thighs.'

But what about showing some more male full-frontal nudity, Game of Thrones? Starz's Spartacus never shied away from showing viewers some man bits and parts as well as female ones. It's all about e-q-u-a-l-i-t-y, is it not?

The 27-year-old actress agrees:

'There's that in everything in the world. I think it's really unfair, every actor, any actress has had her t-ts out. Every single actress I know. Blokes it's like, let's see some @#$!. Do you know what I mean? Let's make it more even.'

Apparently, the Game of Thrones producers have promised more ''male junk'' for season three. So we guess we'll have to wait and see.

What do you guys think?

(via Winteriscoming)

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