Thrones' Sean Bean may (or may not) die in Silent Hills sequel

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Dec 17, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation is not just the first new Silent Hill movie in six years ... it's also a bona fide Game of Thrones reunion!

That's because not only does the movie star Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, but Sean Bean is returning from the first Silent Hill, bringing the two together for the first time since [*spoiler alert!*] Bean's Ned Stark was beheaded near the end of season one of Game of Thrones.

This and more was revealed at the Silent Hill panel in Hall H at Comic-Con, where two new clips from the 3D film were premiered. In the first clip, Heather (a stand-in for the first movie's Sharon, played by Adelaide Clemens), rescues a young woman from a giant spider web, only for the spider itself to come: a thoroughly eerie creature made of mannequin parts and heads. The women are pursued through what looks like a warehouse as the unnerving spider switches mannequin heads and pursues them.

In the second clip, Harington is tied to a medical gurney and surrounded by the famous Silent Hill nurses (whose faces are blank burlap sacks), who move closer every time he tries to wriggle out of his straps. Heather comes and offers to rescue him if he can help her find her father—who is played by Sean Bean.

The big question: Will Bean die in this movie too? Director Michael J. Bassett, on the panel with Clemens and producer Samuel Hadida, answers cryptically, "Yes and no," adding that all will be explained in the film itself.

Bassett also adds that the movie was shot in 3D, not post-converted, he did as many of the effects practically as possible, and that the two clips are the only PG-13 ones in a movie that will very definitely be a hard R.

Then the news is announced that Silent Hill will also be the main attraction at Universal Studios' annual Halloween Horror Nights in both L.A. and Orlando, Fla., this October, meaning that fans will get a double dose of Silent Hill this Halloween.

But will Harington and Bean have a scene together? That's the question that remains unanswered ...

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