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Tim Burton's onetime Superman, Nicolas Cage, says he'd be open to playing Lex Luthor

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Oct 1, 2018, 5:32 PM EDT

Nicolas Cage almost played Superman for Tim Burton in the '90s, but the project famously collapsed. Years later and Cage finally got to be the voice of the Man of Steel in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Still, he has and always will be well-suited for role of the insane supervillain. After all, the guy can do crazy at the drop of a hat, even when a role doesn't necessarily call for it. This goes to show that the erstwhile Ghost Rider was never meant to be Superman. He was always destined for the part of... Lex Luthor? 

“Oh, I think my Superman days are long gone,” he told The Guardian's Hadley Freeman, whilst patting his stomach. Freeman then suggested that he might consider playing the villain, to which Cage replied, “Oh, that would be great! I’d make a great Lex Luthor!”

Right now, the role of Superman's arch-nemesis is filled by Jesse Eisenberg, but hey, if the DCEU can have multiple Jokers, why not multiple Lex Luthors? He got voiced in The Death of Superman by Rainn Wilson, who did a really good job, proving that any actor can put their own spin on a famous character and make them feel fresh and new.

One of Cage's most recent performances can be found in Panos Cosmatos' horror/action film, Mandy. In the film, set in the early '80s, the actor plays Red Miller, a man who goes on a bloody killing spree after a hippie cult kills his girlfriend. As such, this is one of those movies in which you'll find the Cage out of "the cage," as it were. 

You'll also be able to hear Cage's voice talents as Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when that film hits theaters on Dec. 14.