Tim Burton plays favorites and admits which Batman actor he liked best

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

It's been 20 years since Tim Burton took on the Dark Knight. It was his 1992 sequel Batman Returns that gave us a new Penguin and Catwoman as foils for the hero. And decades later, Burton's still singing the praises of one of its costumed stars.

Burton's directed many movies, and worked with plenty of actors—Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Martin Landau, to name just a few. But Michelle Pfeiffer is the one who stands out in the crowd. According to the LA Times Hero Complex, her stint as Catwoman in Batman Returns was something special.

"I don't really go back and look at the movies, but her performance in that was one of my favorite performances of anything by anyone in any movie that I've worked on," Burton said. "It was just the best. Really, I'll never forget her in that."

Burton noted Pfeiffer's strong work ethic and positive attitude. Even though she was surrounded by stunt doubles, she wanted to do as much action as possible. "I just have all these memories of her—letting a live bird fly out of her mouth and learning to use the whip and jumping around rooftop sets in high heels," he revealed. "The work and just the performance were very, very impressive."

The actress and director recently reunited for Dark Shadows, which hit theaters last spring.

What do you think of Burton's favorite? Does Pfeiffer's Catwoman have your vote?

(via Hero Complex)