Tim Burton thinks his Dark Shadows reboot ISN'T a comedy. Really?

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

When the first few trailers started rolling out for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows reboot, the tone threw some Shadows-traditionalists for a loop, with its slapstick jokes and fish-out-of-water humor. But, according to Tim Burton, you've got it all wrong.

Burton said he respects the quirky '60s soap (despite the fact that he once kinda called it awful) and hopes the flick will attract new and old fans to the classic franchise.

"Everything that's in [the trailer] is in the movie. It's a funny film for me, because I never considered it a comedy," Burton told MTV News. "I was always trying to capture the weird vibe of Dark Shadows, which is a weird thing to try to capture. It was a weird daytime soap opera."

Burton said the situation itself is pretty funny, with a vampire unearthed after 200 years, and that humor plays out in some real—and dark—ways.

"It's not like I'm being campy with it or anything," he said. "The guy's been locked in a box for 200 years, and [when] he comes out ... something weird is going to happen."

What do you think? Does Burton's take seem too far out, or does it fit just right with the quirky canon?

(Via MTV)