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Time for a throwback: Play Rampage for free with your friends

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Apr 5, 2019, 5:03 PM EDT (Updated)

You don’t need to shell out a giant ape-load of cash to revisit your childhood love of Rampage, the city-levelling arcade game from which Dwayne Johnson’s new movie takes its basis. In fact, if the reviews have you uncertain about the movie’s ability to capture that nostalgic, destructive joy, then you should go back to the source.

That’s right, if you visit this link, you can play Bally Midway's Rampage (well, ok, it's all owned by Warner Bros. now) - with multiplayer and all - for free.

The co-op offers Lizzie, Ralph, and George as playable characters that are all dead-set on laying waste to the Midwest. The game lets you play alone or with friends and offers an easy-to-understand guide on how to play. Break everything, avoid getting shot, and eat what you can. It might get a little cramped around the keyboard as you and your friends kick, punch, and munch your way through soldiers, tanks, and turned-off TV sets, but the fun will be worth it.

You don’t need an emulator, program, add-on, or even Flash to run the game, which plays straight from your browser. That means if you’ve got downtime at work or school, make sure you’re on mute and embrace the giant monsterdom of the weekend.

Just watch out for helicopters carrying The Rock.