Time for a wild goose chase on Dark Matter episode 5

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Jun 30, 2017, 10:00 PM EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't watched Dark Matter, season 3, episode 5 - "Give It Up, Princess" - then go back now. This is recap territory and here be spoilers.

The Raza is off on a wild goose chase this episode in an attempt to secure a file that will help Adrian save Talbor's girlfriend who is being held hostage by a professional wrestler. Technically, this is kind of a filler episode, since not much of substance happens to pertain to the overall season arc, but even while it's not vitally important to the season itself, it's exactly the kind of story this type of space-faring show was made for. I know, last week's time-loop episode was a burst of humor in the darkness and high stakes of the corporate war, but it was largely confined to the ship. This week, the crew is roaming all over the galaxy trying to track down this file, and the almost slapstick nature of a misadventure like this is exactly what I'm looking for.

We also get some really great moments with Android. First, of course, it's time to break out the emotion upgrade and a nice new pair of heels when Five and Adrian get themselves captured by the GA. Android has the best line of the night -- "I don't date men whose asses I've kicked" -- and literally fights her way through every floor of the station in order to mount the rescue.


Then we get to see her softer side when the crew is confronted by Talbor's security Android. In order to get him to let them out, Android attempts to offer him a trade: her crew for his very own emotional upgrade. It's sweet to think that Android enjoys the choice of having emotions or not, and wants to offer that choice to others of her kind. Of course, after last week's series of portents, this urge might also be what gets her in trouble for being part of the Android Liberation Front.

Back on Zairon, Ryo is still struggling to adapt to being a leader, especially when it requires things like diplomacy and patience and tact. At the beginning of the episode, he is facing an impending mining strike and the possibility that a part of the empire may fall to the enemy. Not surprisingly, Teku and Misaki have diametrically opposing views on how Ryo should handle it. Teku wants Ryo to inspire the people of Zairon, while Misaki wants him to rule with an iron fist. Ryo defers to Teku's wisdom, but that all goes pear shaped when, sometime later, he faces an assassin at a military graduation and the loss of reinforcements sent to secure the territory.

Frustrated and a little bit cranky, Ryo decides it's time for the fist. He's moving on to indiscriminate killing and ruling with fear.


And Ferrous Corp is back in the mix this week in more ways than one. First, the file that Adrian sent our heroes to find contained coordinates to a Ferrous Corp shipyard where they're reportedly building the fanciest new killing machines for this corporate war — an empty shipyard at that. These new machines are already in play.

Neiman also returns, making a last minute appearance just to threaten Six. Not directly, of course. He's making notes in his office and as he's discussing needing to put the independent colonies in their place with something called Agent Zero, he's staring ominously at an image of Six, who, as we know, is currently leading a group of former workers on one of those independent colonies.

I don't know what Agent Zero is, but I have a feeling it's not all puppies and rainbows.

Random Thoughts:

I really do love Solara. I know we haven't seen too much of her but I adore the way she interacts with Adrian, and learning more about her past -- her violent past -- makes me want to know more.

I also love that this episode focused so much on Adrian. It's nice to see the crew reacting to someone throwing a wrench into things, rather than dwelling on their own baggage.

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