Time Lapse: Field of View

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Apr 9, 2016, 9:00 AM EDT

Y’know, every now and again you just need to sit back, breathe deeply, and watch a stunning and lush time-lapse video of thunderstorms and stars circling in the sky.

Happily, Randy Halverson has made one for you. Called “Field of View,” the three-plus minute trailer is available in resolution up to 4K, so make it big and enjoy:

Oh, my. I love watching the stars above a thunderstorm and also the bubbling, rising currents of warm air percolating at the tops of those cumulonimbus clouds. A favorite is also to try to spot geosynchronous satellites in the views of stars; as the stars move across the screen due to Earth’s rotation, the geosynch sats look like they’re standing still in the sky.

Like I said, this is a trailer; the full-length version is available for download, as well as many of Halverson’s other lovely animations. I’ve written about them before, so have a look-see:

… and honestly so many more it’s probably just best to go to his site and take a look. You’ll be happy you did.