Time-traveling Back to the Future DeLorean for sale on eBay

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Got $89,000 and an urge to channel Marty McFly? Then head over to eBay and check out the most screen-accurate Back to the Future DeLorean time-machine replica you're ever likely to see, brought to our attention by our friends over at collider.

According to the seller, this super-accurate replica is even better than the real thing, because "sadly, the 'actual' film cars have been rotting away on the Universal backlot for the last 25 years, being picked apart and neglected. You wouldn't want it. This car is what you want, a car that looks exactly like what you saw in the film, with all the cool lights, sounds and buttons you thought the car in the film had (but never really did). People are often really disappointed when they see a prop up close. Movie props are designed to be filmed from a distance, but this car truly looks and feels 'real' even up close. It is in many ways 'better' than the 'real' car, as many replica props often are, because the people who build them spend so much more time and effort tending to every last detail."

Some of the stated features which have us checking our checking account balances include:

Programmable time circuits which function just like those in the film.

Functioning digital speedometer on the dashboard (reads actual vehicle speed).

Main Time Circuit switch functions just like in the film, with all sound effects.

All interior indicators and switches light up, just like in the film,

Sound effects for door openings.

Includes "Plutonium rods," which can be loaded in to the "reactor" on the rear of car, just like in the film.

Exterior flux band lighting

Custom "95 MPH" in-dash speedometer like the one mocked up for the film. The stock Delorean speedometer only goes up to 85MPH.

Screen-accurate "OUTATIME" metal-stamped license plate with 1986 registration tag.

Our only quibble? No matter how good those time circuits look, can they really be said to "function?"

The auction ends Dec. 31, so if you want to party like it's 1985, get your bid in now.

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