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Timeless cancelled at NBC, story could be resolved with 2-hour movie

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Jun 22, 2018

Timeless has already had its time on this Earth extended after a brief brush with cancellation, but now NBC has finally called it quits with the time-travel drama.

Season 1 saw NBC axe the show, but an outpouring of support from the show’s fanbase and some behind-the-scenes negotiating prompted the network to give it another chance. But, following the adage of “fool me once,” NBC has looked at the numbers from Timeless’ second season (not great, only averaging 4.2 million viewers) and decided it wouldn't get another save.

According to EW, NBC has passed on making a third season of the cult favorite. Apparently after long discussions (weeks!) between the network and Sony Pictures Television (the studio that produces the show), the two were unable to come to a decision for renewal that made sense financially.

In a small thread on Twitter, Timeless creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan lamented the decision:

He references a two-hour movie, which some sources say is being discussed by Sony and NBC to wrap the show up and give some closure for fans -- but it’s reportedly been discussed for a while and may not happen at all. However it shakes out, stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett are expected to be released from their contracts soon -- this isn’t as forgiving an experience as the first cancellation.

There's always a chance Sony may find a new home for Timeless elsewhere, but it’ll need to mobilize the fanbase fast if it wants to pull a Lucifer. Though, at least by the sound of it, those are looking like long odds, too.

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