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Timeless co-creator Shawn Ryan shares some mementos from the show's early days on Twitter

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Nov 25, 2018, 6:03 PM EST

Now that December is almost here, it brings all the telltale signs of the holiday season. It also means that we're only a few weeks away from the series finale of Timeless.

The series, which followed a time-traveling group trying to save the course of history, was canceled by NBC after its second season. Though fans were able to save Timeless from its initial cancellation after season one, they weren't able to capture lightning in a bottle twice. 

Instead, the show was given a two-hour movie to give fans closure, which will air on December 20th. After putting in some weekend hours in his Sony office, co-creator Shawn Ryan shared some mementos from the series on Twitter. Along with some photographs and keepsakes, the real highlight was a manual he and fellow co-creator Eric Kripke put together for NBC after they'd filmed the pilot episode back in 2016. 

"Finally, after making the pilot @therealKripke and I had to submit a document to @NBC laying out where the series would go if they picked it up. Eric and I decided to have fun and do it in the form of a Lifeboat User Manual. Here is [sic] Cover and first 2 pages of our 12 page doc," the post read.

What little bit of their show's time machine manual Ryan shared read like an FAQ, with he and Kripke giving detailed answers to questions like "isn't this going to devolve into 'silly' over time," and " how are you going to have giant 'scope' episodes for half the money in half the time?"  

Interestingly, when a fan asked Ryan if it were possible to post more of the manual's pages, he responded that doing so would mean "too many spoilers." Does that mean that whatever lies in those last 10 pages could hold a key to the upcoming finale?

It could just be Ryan having fun, but Kripke has previously said that the movie will leave the door open for the possibility of more stories, should the show end up finding another life elsewhere. 

The special two-hour finale of Timeless will air December 20th on NBC. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.