Timeless fans will finally get closure with two hour special this Thursday

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Dec 16, 2018, 10:52 AM EST (Updated)

Fans of NBC's Timeless have rebounded almost as often as history has rebounded from disaster on the show itself. After nearly being nixed after its first season, the time-travel drama in which a team of three heroes (Lucy Preston, professor of history; Wyatt Logan, of the U.S. Army Delta Force; and Rufus Carlin, a programmer and engineer) pilot a time-travel machine called "The Lifeboat" to stop a nefarious agency from using their own stolen time machine to go back in time and change history was given a second life (and a second season) just three days later after fan outcry, and renewed negotiations brought the team back for 10 more episodes.

As was made clear by the disruptions in the Force made when the series first met its demise, this Quantum Leap in reverse (in that one the good guys were actually trying to change history themselves) was much beloved by its die-hard fans, who then were left in the lurch yet again when this past summer the show was once again canceled, with major cliffhangers in progress at the end of the second season.

Well, as the following trailer shows, all may be put right this coming Thursday, December 20, when a two-part, two-hour special promises much-needed closure for Timeless fans.

Plus five points for the Home Alone 2 quote, a la Rufus' "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals."