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Timeless gets un-canceled by NBC

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May 13, 2017

After canceling Timeless three days ago, NBC has had a change of heart. The network has un-canceled the time-traveling adventure series and given Timeless a second 10-episode season that will return in 2018.

Executive producer and co-creator Eric Kripke tweeted: “The #TimeTeam went back 3 days, and changed history. @nbc picked us up for 10 episodes. Seriously. Airs next summer.” The timeframe of the show's return has changed, though, with the likely return being spring 2018 for mid-season.

Star Matt Lanter, who plays Wyatt Logan, popped up on Facebook with a video announcing the pickup as well. As Wyatt, Lanter gives us an update on what the team is up to and says, “I just wanted to hop on and tell you that I think the mission was successful ... We went back, and I’m pretty sure we changed NBC’s minds. So yeah, we’ve got more episodes coming. See you real soon.”

As to when it will return, co-creator Shawn Ryan tweeted: “A lot of info flying. Initially thought #Timeless would be on next summer, now it may be 2018 spring. Who knows? Just know we're back!”

Timeless follows the adventures of history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) and soldier Wyatt Logan (Lanter) who travel through time in a time machine. In season one they were trying to track down Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić), who stole a time machine in an attempt to destroy a secret organization called Rittenhouse he blamed for killing his family. Season one ended with the team joining forces with Flynn to end Rittenhouse and left us with a lot of open doors for a season two.

Kripke thanked fans in a tweet: “So huge thanks to @nbc for supporting us. And THANKS for the fan support. It's a MAJOR reason we're back. It worked, guys! #TimelessRenewed”

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