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Timeless: Original, space capsule-style designs for series’ time machines

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Jun 6, 2018, 1:17 PM EDT

As fans continue to wait for the network to make a decision on whether or not the time travel drama Timeless will return next year, the creative team is pulling the curtain back on how the show has evolved along the way.

Along with dropping deleted scenes and script pages via Twitter, co-creator Eric Kripke has now opened up the vault to showoff the early concept designs for what would eventually become the Lifeboat and Mothership time machines showcased in the series. As Kripke points out, these early sketches take some design nods from old NASA capsules and even a bit of WALL-E’s personality. But apparently, the network wanted something a bit more unique, which is how we ended up with the rounder craft with a spin out door. 

The series itself wrapped its second season a few weeks ago, and is one of the last network shows still hanging on the bubble. Fans have rallied around the show to help nudge the buzz in the right direction, but the jury’s still out on whether or not Timeless will get another reprieve (Season 2 only happened because the network un-cancelled the show at the eleventh hour in the first place). 

Renewed or not, the folks behind this series have certainly engaged with the fans and made one heck of a tight-knit community along the way.

Check out the concept art below and let us know if you prefer it to the final design: