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Timeless Season 3 isn't happening says co-creator, movie chances slim

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Jul 2, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

Last year, NBC's Timeless was resurrected after cancellation, but it looks like it was a one-time miracle, as co-creator Shawn Ryan says the show hasn't found a home for a third season.

Timeless was officially canceled (again) at NBC last month, but it's not unheard of for a canceled show to be given second life at a new network. Especially since Timeless has beaten the odds before. But in a series of tweets, Ryan revealed fans won't be getting a third season, as no network has decided to pick up the show.

Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show, hasn't found another buyer, but Ryan is still holding out hope for a movie to wrap up storylines for fans -- even though he admits there are "considerable economic obstacles," making the chances of that happening slim.

After NBC canceled Season 1 of the time-travel show last spring, fans rallied and the network reversed its decision, renewing Timeless for a second season. Production moved to Los Angeles to take advantage of tax incentives, but Ryan said on Twitter that each episode still cost roughly $4 million to produce.

Fans still seem eager to get more of Timeless, no matter what format it may come in. And Ryan seems open to other options once the future of the movie is settled.

Although the chances of seeing a Timeless movie seem unlikely, fans have gotten their miracle before. One of you can travel back in time and make it happen, right?

(via The Wrap)