Timeless showrunner promises deleted finale scenes, breaks down that surprising death

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Dec 21, 2018, 10:47 AM EST

With the end of Timeless upon us (at least for now, as showrunner Shawn Ryan is still plenty optimistic), the Clockblockers finally got a little bit of closure thanks to the two-hour movie airing on NBC. But with a teased director’s cut of the finale floating around out there and one crazy character death, there’re still pressing questions that will keep Ryan talking Timeless for a while yet.

**SPOILER WARNING: This story reveals key plot details of Timeless’ finale. Stop reading now if you don't want to know who lives, who dies, and what it all means.**

“The Miracle of Christmas” is about stopping Rittenhouse and saving Rufus. And yet sacrifice after sacrifice meant that they were hardly the most shocking or exciting parts. Lucy and Wyatt end up together with kids (Flynn and Amy), while Rufus and Jiya stuck it out too. The kids’ names are even more meaningful when you see that they’re named for fallen friends. Yep, Flynn makes quite a sacrifice over the course of the finale — he goes to 2012 to take out Jessica, which means taking himself out at the same time.

Ryan, speaking to Deadline, explained that the death came as a consensus for closing Flynn’s arc. “I think it was a result of our conversation of where do we want the arc of Garcia Flynn to go?” Ryan said.

“He was somebody who was seemingly a straight-up villain early in Season 1. Then he became a little bit more of a complicated villain in the middle of Season 1. Then he became a misunderstood, slightly sympathetic villain at the end of Season 1. And then he became a reluctant, cautious ally at the beginning of Season 2, and then someone who loosely began to see the good sides of him to the point that there was almost a little romantic triangle between her and Wyatt and Flynn.” The arc’s foundation was already laid, but closing it required some big moves.

“We never forgot that he really did some bad stuff in Season 1,” Ryan said, “and how do you ‘redeem’ someone like that?” Well, a sacrifice.

“Their actions of penance have to be almost as large in scale as their misdeeds, and so the conversation that he has with Joaquin Murrieta, just prior to the campfire discussion, where he tells him that a quest for vengeance ultimately leads nowhere, and Joaquin asks him why he does it… he looks over at Lucy, and you get the sense that he really is kind of in love with Lucy and yet knows from the journal that it’s not something that’s going to end well.”

“He decides to make a choice to essentially pay penance for all his actions — that he sees a way where he can do something that will make the lives of these other people better and will help stop Rittenhouse, the group that killed his family. It will allow him to actually witness and look at his family one last time. It just seems very poetic to us to do that.” That's why Flynn ended up being quite the hero after all, finding a satisfying conclusion alongside his co-leads.

And as far as fitting anything else in there? “I think the director's cut came in about 18 minutes over,” Ryan told TV Guide, “and there was a lot of work to get that down to time. And there were a couple scenes that got cut that we'll probably release online for the fans.”

Clockblockers should keep their eyes peeled in the coming weeks if they’re keen on absorbing any and all Timeless footage — but know that it won’t be necessary to understand the plot, because, as Ryan says, “ultimately, it worked out kind of perfectly for us and we were able to tell the story we wanted to. There was nothing that we felt was really important that didn't end up in the movie.” Closure with an open door: exactly what the seemingly unkillable Timeless deserves.